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free induction saucepan set


Order one of our selected NEFF induction hobs and get your hands on a free set of induction saucepans!

Offer valid from 01/01/19 to 31/05/19

We often find customers are reluctant to make the switch to an induction hob because they are concerned that their existing saucepans will not be suitable.  Now, up until 31st May 2019, we are offering a complimentary induction saucepan set when you order one of the selected NEFF induction hobs as part of your new kitchen.

Why choose an induction hob?


Induction hobs have no naked flames, so there is a reduction in the risk of fire compared to a gas hob.  The hob will automatically turn off shortly after a saucepan is removed, meaning less likelihood of burnt fingers or sky-high bills!

Easy to clean

Induction hobs are sleek and flush with the work surface, which makes cleaning a breeze!

Timed Cooking

A really convenient feature of these hobs is the ability to set a timer.  You can leave a pan simmering on the stove and set it to turn off after ten minutes, or you can go out for the day and leave a pan of soup set to heat up for your return.


From cold, an induction hob will heat up four times faster than a halogen hob, and 10x faster than gas, so your pan of water is boiling ready for your pasta as soon as you are!

Energy efficient

Induction hobs are 60% more efficient than gas, so you can save money while you cook!

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